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About Us

At Bawte we believe owning things should be simple. We believe that you should be able to go to one place and one place only to find out anything you need about the things you own. Even companies with awesome online and customer support run into an issue when their consumers run into a problem. And that issue is a steep learning curve.

How many times in your life (as a customer of a particular brand) are you going to need support? Once? Twice? Any more than that and you may not be a customer for long. Because of that, every consumer has to begin at square one when they have a question, issue or a big ole problem. Now insert Bawte into the equation.

Brand + Bawte = Happy Customers

Whenever you need it, just hit the help icon and tell us what the problem is no matter what product or brand you are dealing with. We will make the necessary contacts with the brand to figure out what needs to happen. We then give you a very simple, yet thorough plan on how to handle it. We take all that calling and emailing off your plate. Nice huh? Well we think so. And we do a ton more as well. Check out all the things we do. Oh and if we have not mentioned it, well, its free.


Registration cards are a thing of the past.

We know most people don’t fill them out. Don’t worry. That’s why you have Bawte!


No more paper.

You can free up your file cabinet. All instructions and manuals are now accessible always just a tap away.


We track your warranty.

By providing purchase date we will calculate and tell you before any warranty expires.

When good products go bad.

Bawte Service Team Support.

This is your one-stop-shop for any issues you have for any products you own. We are here to make you happy.

My what could explode?

Explosions are for the 4th of July.

Recalls happen all the time. From now on, be notified.


Itty bitty pieces of paper.

Also known as receipts. Never lose them again. Take a picture and they stay with your products forever.

Talk to us!

(No, seriously, please talk to us. They keep us couped up over here.)